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EVO X Front Bumper Install

There are many choices when it comes to your EVOís aesthetics, especially the front bumper, which is the first thing that might be noticed. You mayíve probably already alternated between front bumpers at least a couple of times in your lifetime. If you havenít, and saw a nice new front bumper which you bought, and donít know how to install it, then youíve come to the right place. Youíll be needing a 10 mm and 12 mm wrench. Try to get a hold of a bumper hanger as well, for it will save you lots of grief.

1. Commence by having the car raised on jack stands, or a lift if you happen to have one, becauseÖ..ya knowÖ..makes your life easier =). Remove the whole splashguard from underneath. Undo the three screws that are retaining the middle panel. Work your way around tilí the splashguard can come off completely. Have all removed parts organized so that you donít go crazy looking for them.
2. Fixate on the fender wells. On the front, near the fender, remove the two poppet-like fasteners. Note: Having the front wheels turned may provide you with more room to undo the middle screw if youíre working with a jack, lift, or from the ground. Otherwise, it can be undone with the wheels pointing straight.
3. Undo the 10 mm bolt thatís at the corner where the front cover mates with the fender. Outside of the front cover, pull pull the edge of the wheel splashguard. Perform the same for both sides.
4. In the front cover, undo both 10 mm bolts on each corner of the middle opening.
5. Take off the front license plate, if applicable. You can then access the 10 mm bolt through the hole thatís outlined in the license plate holder on the driverís side.
6. On the front cover, pull the side of it downards. Each side contains a snap thatís retaining it to the fender. Perform the same for both sides of the front cover.
7. Undo one or two of the fasteners retaining the brace thatís between the front cover and radiator support.
8. Disconnect the supply hose for the IC sprayer nozzles. This can be done by detaching one side of the blue connector. The hose would be removed along with the front cover.
9. Undo the two 10 mm bolts and both fasteners. Work on the middle one first, and then pull the entire fastener outwards. Itís best to have an extra pair of hands for when the last bolt and fastener are removed. If you donít have someone else to assist you, then have your knee pressed against the cover.
10. Undo the four 12 mm bolts on the bumper. There should be two on each side.
11. Now, take your new front bumper and just do the opposite of what you did to uninstall that now old front bumper! =)

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